Why are some VPN free?

To some people, it is not easy for everyone to pay for a subscription service on a monthly or annually or quarterly basis. College goers or students who do not have an influx of cash to pay for the more expensive VPN, it is always second nature to go for the free proxy server services. With companies making it easy for their employees to use the internet safely, to transfer data and much more; while commoners use it to mask their identity, unblock country’s-specific content or add an additional layer of security between them and the wider web.

VPN mainly are paid-per use apps, such as NordVPN, PureVPN and many more, but there are those that are free. It is important for you to read the privacy service provided by your server, though it is quite long, it is important for you to do so. This can help you differentiate between paid and free services.

Features and prices do differentiate between a good and bad VPN. Reading articles that are written by trustworthy sources that do discuss the merits of each based on features in comparison to the simple watered-down user testimonials.

Some of the reasons some VPNs are free are due to the fact that most companies offer their services for free in order to create a large user base and to try and bring in monetization later on. At times, the companies do offer free tiers to please customers then charge professionals to hopefully cover freeloaders.

Most free VPNs have been noted to be there to make profit whether through channels associated in selling your data to marketing firms to target ads, allocating your bandwidth around for money or installing ads into your connection.

There are other companies that primarily provide free VPN services in order to do research and collect as much data from a wide base of users so that the information can be sold. There high demand for data from marketers and researchers around the world, and since these VPN service companies that offer free services already know about the opportunities available, know how to sell their products to you and even improve as time goes on.

What is interesting is the fact that most of us do not know what free VPN service actually means. It is true that we are able to veer off the surveillance of people since we want to access some websites that you don’t want your average Joe to find out. Having this as a major reason for most users tends to make it easier for people to go for free VPN services, which is reasonable.

It is also important to try out VPN services from different companies at first when you want to do some light surfing; this is why free VPNs are available. But if you want to do very high-level transactions, you need to go for premium VPNs since they provide higher levels of security compared to free VPN services.

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