Top Five VPN secrets

Virtual Private Networks are highly secure and trusted services since people look for ways to protect their online activities. This is because of the information users are having which might be harmful if it gets into the wrong hands. Companies and individual invest in VPNs since it provides a layer of security should someone decide to hack or steal your data. Although VPNs allow the users to browse through content privately, here are some of the things people might not be aware of.

You can never be anonymous online.

This is the sad reality that VPN Service providers rarely let you in on. By choosing a VPN Service Provider, you are simply saying who you want accessing your online activity. The rest, therefore, cannot know what you are doing as it is encrypted. Total anonymity is not possible in the cyber world the same as it isn’t in the physical world. All computers have unique IP addresses that are different from one another in the world. The IP address is location based, and it tells a provider every time you log into the internet. The service provider and some different players can see different things on your network. It is however encrypted, and only the parties whose infrastructure you are using can read your online activities.

All VPN Providers keep logs.

All VPN Providers keep data about you on their platforms although they may not tell you so. Since they are obliged to work with law enforcement should there be an issue, these logs ensure they are not guilty of any cybercrimes.

Privacy companies may sell your data.

Privacy companies hold a lot of user data. This data is useful to advertisers and who are rushing in search of it. This is common, especially with companies that provide free VPN services. Three companies were recently discovered to be doing that.

You are not untraceable.

As much as you hide your URL and searches and website logs, you are still traceable using your IP address. The VPN provider though encrypts this information unless it is required of them to reveal it. It is therefore prudent to use the internet wisely as you can still be traced if you are to do a crime and the government decides to look for you.

Cheap is not always best.

With VPN, so much is at stake for you to choose a free option. Although there are some possible free VPNs around, there is a lot of things that could go wrong. It is best to pay for a service especially if it means something to you. The value of a service depends on how willing you would be to lose it. You, therefore, need to pay more for things that you are not prepared to lose. For VPN’s, if data like credit card information falls in the wrong hands can lead to a lot of damage. There are instances where people’s identities are used in crimes, especially cybercrime and one ends up in jail for a crime they never committed.

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