The best VPN apps

There are several VPN apps that apply to both iOS and Android devices. Most apps nowadays have been designed to be used by any software, the same can be said for VPN, but there are those specifically designed for a specific device.

Currently, there are over 850 VPN services available, and we are going to start by looking at the best VPNs that apply to iOS devices:

a) PureVPN app is one that makes use of 750 servers; it is ideal for users who stream a lot of content. In case you change locations, you can access the servers you had connected to in your previous location as it saves your preferential servers. This app makes it easier for you to connect to the fastest optimized server in a location with the widget connecting to PureVPN servers conveniently and fast. You can pay a $5 a monthly subscription, a $40 annual subscription or a six months subscription option at $24.

b) IPVanish VPN is the best app to use when you are torrenting or using a PSP traffic. IPVanish has over 700 servers, it connects in over 60 locations, with 40000 and more IP addresses and it supports a maximum of 5 devices. It has no log policy and its high speed, excellent client and choice of location make it an ideal app to use. When you purchase it and you are not contented with the service, there’s a 7-day money back guarantee. The service has a yearly subscription of $58.14, a monthly subscription of $7.50 and a three-month subscription plan of $20.24.

c) PIA (Private Internet Access) has a 7-day trial; paying $3.33 a month. Though based in the US, it has zero logs policy and its design is seamless and it fits quite well with an iPhone. The servers of PIA are located in over 50 countries.

On the Android devices the top VPNs includes:

a) VYPR VPN. This is quite a robust service in the market as its’ got you covered, whether you are a power, casual or business user. It has over 700 servers, 200,000+ IP addresses with OpenVPN and Chameleon 256bit encryption. it offers you secure access. An additional service that this app offers includes a cloud storage to keep your files safe. It is used by the Reddit team and considered to be one of the best in the market.

b) NordVPN (for Android) is a great app to use for those who want to experience a great deal on Android devices. With NordVPN, it is possible for you to use the service on up to six devices. It is possible for you to add this app on your router to protect all your devices on the network. By default, it uses open-source OpenVPN which is fast and secure. The app offers 758 servers across 57 countries and also offers services for specific purposes. For instance, anti-DDoS servers and fast servers for video streaming. It also has exotic offers like Tor-over-VPN which routes traffic through Tor network and Double VPN that encrypts your traffic twice. It costs $11.95 monthly with a 6-month plan at $42 and a yearly subscription of $62.

The general VPN apps that apply to all devices include:

a) ExpressVPN. This is an app with a fantastic software that can be used on all platforms and they can be used on three simultaneous devices. It offers high-speed internet connection, does keep a couple of connection logs though there are no user logs kept. It is a paid service and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee when you test the service.

b) CyberGhost has more than 800 servers with global coverage. The app appeals to the young crowd due to its funky look. Being based in Germany and Romania, Germany is solely responsible for its software development. It can be connected to up to 5 devices, has no logs policy and guarantees security and encryption.

There are many more VPNs available; you should look for what you want and what suits your needs.

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