Is VPN a secure way to surf?

Surfing can be a dangerous thing to indulge in especially when you are in restricted areas. Journalists and activists can get caught very easily because of their computer IP address. It is not safe and getting caught is pretty easy; there are various ways for you to stay anonymous when surfing online, by use of some apps such as Tor and also using VPN. These are some of the highly effective methods of making it impossible to be tracked.

In the US, privacy rollbacks have led to renewed chatter on how to use the internet safely and privately. It is quite easy for you to be misled into using the wrong means and methods that are painfully complex. Therefore it is important to know the ways to protect yourself.

VPN is a safe way to use the internet in order to protect your privacy. VPNs consist of different networks or private clusters of computers spread across the public internet. For any computer whiz or user, it is paramount for you to learn how to use VPN (virtual private network). Usually, most VPNs are paid for but there are those that offer free services to keep your internet private and secure over public Wi-Fi hotspots. These services enable you to get past restricted areas for music and video streaming and also help you to evade government censorship restrictions, even though it can be tricky.

Various VPN providers offer solid services with different security levels that depend on what your needs are. Some of the proxy services are free, while requiring you to pay to have the services. For the free services, even though you don’t have to pay a dime to use them, you will have tons of feature advertisements which can impact your connection speeds and data limits, monthly. Those who are heavy users are just going to pay for the services themselves instead of using the free services; as there are services that range from $4 up to $40 a month.

VPN protects you from eavesdropping on your Internet activity, especially from strangers. These strangers range from money grabbers who use ISPs, spooks who have parked outside your house and bored hackers at the airport.

The VPN will not help to protect you from eavesdropping once your traffic leaves the VPNs servers. Once you are out of the VPN, your emails’ content or other communications which may still be stored insecurely are vulnerable to hackers. It is important to protect yourself by connecting to sensitive websites over HTTPS connections and use encrypted messaging software for secure communications.

You should always use VPN when you are connecting in an overly unsecured, public Wi-Fi such as at doctor’s office and coffee shops. In authoritarian countries such as Turkey and Russia, you need to have a VPN. In these countries, you can use a VPNuse in your friends’ house or on the cellular network on your phone. Be sure to use a VPN that works where you need it to work, because some do not work on Apple devices, while others work on Windows

Also, as a heads up, make sure that the service that you use does not keep logs; as it will not make much difference if you use a VPN and give the data to your service provider who will sell it.

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