Is a VPN really anonymous?

It is impossible to have a secure VPN service to protect you from cyber-attacks and other incidences that might occur. There is a range of vital security bells that are always provided by your subscribed VPN service, but there is always a gap that is open when using these services.

It is not a guarantee that you are completely anonymous when browsing while using VPN since it cannot be proven. It is paramount to find a VPN that offers anonymity and appreciates your privacy, but very few exist as not all services have this capability.

Various VPNs provide tools that help you to control your privacy; the same tools can be used to access your data but not to eradicate data that can be used to identify you completely. It will be recorded that you were online, and you engaged in some sort of exchange, but the activity alone is what will remain private.

Most VPNs do say that they have a "no logs policy" when you use their service, meaning that your activities are not kept in a record or logged; but it is hard the truth behind the companies. Logs are what makes servers run, and without them, most VPNs won’t be able to: prevent abuse, limit VPN accounts based on subscription chosen by putting a cap on the amount of data that you are allowed to use, handle DNS requests and troubleshoot connections.

If you are concerned about the “no logs policy", find a reference on the website of the chosen VPN service provider, that shows precisely what information they retain and use what you have learnt, to make decision on whether to pick that service or not. If no information is provided, it is best to move on.

The privacy policy, being a long document that most of us scheme through or don’t bother reading it at all, it might be your downfall when using VPNs. The information about logging into your selected VPN service is found on the Privacy Policy page; go through the page thoroughly so as to know what you are getting yourself into.

There are some VPNs that have their own servers and some VPNs that rely on cloud as a form of storage for your activities. This means that running the VPN without logs is close to impossible especially subscription based online accounts. Even though they do not store logs as they say, the third party servers that they rent and use often collect logs, as it is a design of the hosting providers.

There are several shortcomings of using VPN; whether it is for doing online shopping from the comfort of your chair, having an ice tea at your favorite coffee shop, or trying to hide your IP address when doing your torrenting activities. It is impossible to believe that VPN offers anonymity to you as a user. Therefore, use VPN at your own risk, the power is in your hands.

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