Interesting stats about VPN

VPN is a tool that is used by individuals, companies, and organizations all over the world to undertake various functions securely across the internet. There are over 3.7 million internet users in 2017 with Asia accounting for half of the world’s internet users.

It is also a fact that most of the VPN users are between the ages of 16 to 64 years, meaning a large group of people do use VPN. It can be for varying reasons, such as watching movies or trying to access blocked data.

There are some interesting facts about VPN that can help you make full use of your VPN service.

a) It is possible for you to stream your favorite subscribed network, be it Netflix, Pandora or HBO; you can stream it from anywhere around the world. With over 29% of people watching Netflix through VPN in the USA, this is close to 3 out 0f 10 VPN users have used the VPN service for Netflix. On the flip side, Netflix has decided to block VPN users who bypass geo-restrictions and gain access to data that is not available in their countries.

b) You are able to protect your data from strangers who try to infiltrate your network because of the encryption and decryption data layer that is provided by VPN. This service improves your online security massively as it allows you to have military grade encryption making it hard for hackers to snoop on your traffic and this makes it hard for them to read your admin login or password. There are apps now that can be used to protect your phones too.

c) In case you don't want to be detected or blocked for instance by Netflix, you can use Stealth VPN, as this makes your VPN traffic become a regular SSL web traffic and you can escape massive national firewalls. Other VPNS that provide such services include IPVanish, and VyprVPN.

d) VPNs can allow you to save money. This is possible if you have a VPN that has more than 10,000 IP addresses as it makes it virtually possible for you to reside in over 50 countries and switch IP’s in seconds. You can do this when you are booking airplane tickets and hotels. Depending on your “virtual” location, you can save quite some money. Ensure that you clean your cookies or use private mode.

e) By using a VPN, you can get free services in websites each time you log in. When you log into websites that have some articles or searches, before you pay, switch your IP’s address and log in using a VPN service, will get you free services when you use a new private browsing window. This is especially useful for people on online marketing.

f) Protecting your online banking can be done through a VPN. It is easy for hackers to track your browsing activity and steal your personal data; using a VPN makes this hard because of the complex encrypted file that can be unbreakable for most, this improves your online security.

There are other stats about VPN, try and find out more on ways you can use this fascinating online tool.

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